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placing attention in the body


clarifying and redirecting breath energy flow


Honoring each day with sacred intention


Join Devon Sweeney, Sarah Shaw, and Zaidy Charrón live on zoom on weekday mornings for a meditation and breath work practice to anchor your day with presence.


Our four Ayurvedic breath work practices coupled with meditation and seasonal wisdom will enhance your connection to balance in each moment. We love to see you each morning and have found this is an amazing way to connect in challenging times.

The practice begins each morning at 7:30mst to awaken to your body as a microcosm of the macrocosm. We love living in rhythm with the flow of nature to create balance between structure, and freedom in our daily experience.

These meditation practices will give rise to the deepening of one’s internal awareness. We want to share ways to create a ritual of practice in your home and the body of your life, as well as connect as a community during these times of cyber-soul searching.

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Worried you can't make it every day? No problem! You can sign up at the beginning of each week and join when you are able.

Please consider making a donation for each session you attend. As always, you are welcome to attend as our gift if you are experiencing financial hardship. We value the work we do and hope it can support you in many ways. Thank you for showing your support via donation.


You will register once for a week, and can attend any or all sessions. Please make a donation for any sessions you attend,

the suggested donation is $5-10 per meditation. If you would love to support your teachers and the collective you can donate $85 for all 4 weeks. Consider donating for a friend to support them from afar this holiday season :)


donate via paypal

donate via venmo


Click here to donate $85

as a one time donation for all 4 weeks

Registration Links -

you must register for each week

(you can register prior to your donation)

Morning Sadhana will resume March 1

Please enjoy this sadhana packet created by Celeste Utke to learn more about the practice and contraindications for pranayama.

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