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Movement Alchemy


Somatics, Anatomy, and Embodied Philosophy

with Devon Sweeney + Drake Unruh

June 21-23, June 28-30 2024
Friday | 6-9:30pm - Saturday |11am-7:00 PM - Sunday | 10AM - 6:00 PM 


40 Contact Hours
You can reserve your space with a $250 deposit and payment plan.
Save $40 when you enroll by May 23.
About this Module:

Join Devon Sweeney, E-RYT 500 and Drake Unruh for a comprehensive exploration into the transformational power of movement and embodiment through yoga.


This 40 hour immersion will develop the many dimensions of embodiment as a tool for learning to feel when we are in the right place. Alignment takes on a new meaning when we learn to live and practice through the lens of movement alchemy, we can apply balancing or supportive practices to our bodies and the bodies of our lives to cultivate new behaviors, new emotional pathways, and remember our innate capacity to support ourselves. This teacher training encompasses theories of bodily awareness in the context of somatics, how to facilitate embodiment in all bodies, and a deep emphasis on the transformative power of knowing thyself at all levels, from the physical to the subtle body. This is a one of a kind module informed by Devon’s direct apprenticeship with Shiva Rea since 2008, Shaiva Tantra studies, and religious and her career as a bodywork therapist over the last decade.



Points of Focus

  • Embodiment and Somatics in the context of Yoga and Tantra

  • Anatomy + Physiology of Stress and movement patterns that support down regulation vs. activating the stress response

  • Neuroscience of Stress, Transformation, and Polyvagal Theory

  • Introduction to Neurogenic Yoga and Tremoring Practice

  • Advanced Sequencing + Movement Alchemy - Using Prana Vinyasa and beyond to Change your Inner State 

  • The Subtle Body and The Nervous System 

  • The intersection of modern understanding of the body’s intelligence and the Tantric Body

  • Developing Inner Authority - Embodiment as a tool for mental and emotional well-being

  • Solar and Lunar Movement + Meditation Practices to support the nervous system

  • Self Regulation and Resilience in the context of yoga

  • Styles/Schools of Yoga and their effect on the mind-body

  • Advanced Asanas: Skills and Techniques to create access to strength and receptivity


You can take this training even if you are not participating in our greater training program, please email us at with any questions.

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