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2024 Embodying The Elements Master Classes

Join Devon for 1.5 hour and 2 Hour Advanced Practices for Teachers and Practitioners. Cultivate our connection to the elements and the rising of our instinctual body.  We will open and strengthen our elemental body in a two-wave prana vinyasa sequence. Through the opening movement meditation, Prana Vinyasa Elemental Namaskar patterns, core cultivation, two wave sequence including pulsations, body vinyasa, and rhythmic vinyasas, we will transform together to experience element-specific peak asanas. These community practices may include the exchange of hands on assists between participants.


Friday, May 17 


Embodying Earth - Visvamitrasana Peak

Register for May 17 Here


Saturday, May 18 


Embodying Water - Mandala Urdhva Dhanurasana

Register for May 18 Here


Friday, May 31


Embodying Fire - Handstand + Arm Balance Peak

Register for May 31 Here


Saturday, June 1


Embodying Air - Wheel Dropbacks

Register for June 1 Here

Sunday, June 2


Embodying Space - Standing Balance Postures

Regular Sunday Class with Devon

Register for June 2 Here

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