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Practice With Katie

Visit her website here: coming soon


Monday - 8:45am - Chuze Fitness South Monaco 

Tuesday - 12pm - Yoga High Denver

Wednesday - 4:30pm - Yoga High Denver

Thursday - 7pm - Matrix Fitness & Spa

Katie Norris

Katie’s classes are mindfully intended to create space for deep healing of the nervous system.  Through intelligent, energetically aligned, embodied sequencing, students are able to tap into a more embodied and meaningful connection to their practice.  Katie is passionate about the medicinal quality of Prana Vinyasa yoga and encourages an open and safe environment for students to explore all aspects of their healing journey both on and off their mats.  Incorporating essential oils, Reiki, sound and breath work into each of her classes, Katie hopes to provide tools for students to use on their own healing journey & to unlock the innate healing capacities that exist within us all. 


Katie discovered yoga in 2007 after sustaining a traumatic head injury following a horseback riding accident.  In place of medication, Katie’s neurologist wrote two words on a prescription pad, “Yoga & Meditation.”  The following day, she attended her first yoga class and instantly felt the palpable healing capacity of asana, pranayama, and meditation.  In 2012, Katie embarked on her first 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training in New York City, but it wasn’t until she discovered the philosophy behind Prana Vinyasa yoga that she was able to dive into a more embodied approach to her teaching.  In 2018, Katie received her second 200-hour RYT certification with the Samudra Global School of Yoga and will continue on her journey in 2020 beginning the 300 hour Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher training transmitted by senior Prana Vinyasa teacher, Devon Sweeney

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