Living Flow


Dear Friends on the Path,

If we have had the opportunity to practice together in the past, I thank you, from my heart, for your participation in our work. The Prana Vinyasa Denver community has been a continual beacon of loving authenticity, support, and genuine connection for us all in different ways. All of us are being impacted by recent events and shown the opportunity to access the resiliency we develop through our practice at all levels of our life. We want to encourage you to stay connected to your essential practices during this time: breath, meditation, and especially pranams. As you work with the waves of response in yourself and your family, we are here as a resource to you to reach out to, and you can email us at or message us on instagram and follow along @pranavinyasadenver.


In an attempt to be aligned with the living flow and honor the major reality shift our systems are experiencing, we are slowly emerging to not only preserve our teacher training (thanks to yoga alliance’s allowance of online hours for the time being), but also to create valuable, well-made online education and content. True to our community’s commitment to service and adaptability, our intention is to not just scramble to create online content to keep up with the times, but to begin to cultivate a rich library of resource for teachers, students, and beyond. We can all look forward to lectures and practices with Sarah, Zaidy, Janel, Katie K, Katie N, Celeste, Jessy, Devon and more of our teachers as we all settle into this new field of sharing our heart-work with the world. 


As we develop this programming, we would love to keep you in the loop and offer you special discounts. Please leave us your email below if you would like to be included in this accessible content library.  

I would love to be involved in online community and learning via PV Denver

Right now, our teachers are without live teaching opportunities and without pay. Almost every yoga studio in Denver is closed with  for a minimum of 30 days per the governor’s orders, and major studios like Kindness and Samadhi cannot compensate their large staff of teachers/contractors during this time. Other smaller studios like Lacuna Collective and Freyja Project are doing their best to support and compensate their smaller communities. We, as a collective, honor and understand the limitations that our home studios are facing. We want to support them by also being resourceful and creative, and asking for your help. 


We will be here and communicating with our students during this time.  We are strengthening our skills as students and teachers, tending to our hearts and minds with great care, while sharing what feels helpful in the form of practices along the way. As the river guide of our sweet community, I feel compelled to ask for any support you are willing to give from your heart to our full time teachers. This will enable us to continue to thrive and develop our community’s offerings in a sustainable way. We are here to support you in solidarity as humans, teachers, and practitioners. Sending love all ways to our friends and family, may we all be steady inside as the coming weeks initiate us into a new level of understanding, compassion, and collective fortitude. 

We are choosing to remain connected in the ways that are socially responsible, and ask you to consider what your practice means for you as a tool for self support. 


My invitation to everyone is to give where you are able, and if you cannot contribute, once our practices start rolling out, just let me know what you need- and we can work it out. Everything is on a sliding scale, nobody should feel limited by finances, and you will be invited to give what you can with suggested values for each practice. Above all, finances will come and go, but I am dedicated to supporting our wisdom bodies and hearts and remembering what is essential within us at all points of this incredibly challenging time. 

You can view our live stream schedule here

Our goal is to honor this massive shift in the collective spirit by reducing stress and urgency during this time, and are committed to debuting our first practices by the end of April. We will be letting you know when we add various offerings. 


Thank you for showing up, and sharing in practice with us so many times. We are sending out good will and embodying our values as we move through this time and are happy to support you and your family in any way we can. We have full intentions to return to our regular weekly teaching schedules as soon as the local studios are up and running.








All donors will receive a free Yoga Nidra meditation led by Devon by April 21, and we will add you to our update list for more online education and practice as our tiny team works hard to produce this new content that has value within and beyond these trying times.


You can donate to individual teachers through venmo here (We have limited this list to our small group of full time teachers, please let us know if you would like to be included):







Katie Kennedy: @KatieKennedy108

Sarah Shaw:@wisewillowhealth

Devon Sweeney: @intelflow

Jessy Nicholson:@piratejessy

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If you would like to support the Denver Prana Vinyasa community as a whole, you can send a donation in any amount via this button. Your donations will support compensating our teaching staff during the upcoming Teacher Training. For our teachers, this is an important program that will allow us to share our teachings and support our collective through this challenging time.

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