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Teacher Training

The Art of Living Yoga

March 3 – June 25, 2023
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Fridays | 10am-7pm       Saturdays | 11am-7pm       Sundays | 10am-7pm

Mar 3-5*, 2023 | Mar 18 + 19 | April 1 + 2 | April 14-16* | April 29 + 30 | May 13+14 | May 26-28* | June 10 + 11| June 23-25*

Some weekends include Fridays and are marked with a *

200 Hour Preliminary Yoga Certification – Yoga Alliance Registered School

All participants receive unlimited yoga classes at the Yoga Center for the duration of the training.

Join Jeremy and Devon to learn the art of practicing and teaching yoga. We will engage in an in-depth study of this living, embodied system of tools and techniques for self exploration that informs all aspects of how we relate to our lives.

Yoga sadhana in all its forms is a microcosm for embodying the power and intelligence of nature for healing our physical bodies and approaching life through the lens of unified awareness.

Teachers in this training will be supported to be skillful, knowledgeable, and dedicated practitioners as a prerequisite to sharing their gifts through teaching.

This training will emphasize comprehensive, traditional approaches to Yoga as a system of tools and techniques to support the creation of, not only skillful teachers, but skillful practitioners. Yoga will be practiced as an integrated and embodied study that functions as a continuum extending into all aspects of life. As we grow into the idea that Yoga is not something we “do,” but instead “how” we relate to everything, our lives can become a deliberate and conscious expression of our innate potential unlocking yoga’s true potential for healing and transformation.

Our 300 hour advanced teacher training program is an inclusive community of unique and creative teachers and students of living yoga. We will learn to teach and practice the integrative embodied pathways of energy-based yoga practices, with core modules inspired by Hatha Yoga + the Prana Vinyasa methodology that has evolved from Shiva Rea’s interpretation and teaching of the Krishnamacharyan perspective, modern somatics, tantra, Bhakti, and Ayurveda.

Our program teaches energetic alignment and a connection to the breath, mental posture, and the physical body to enable sustainable and evolutionary embodiment of asana + sadhana in your body on the yoga mat and in the body of your life. This program integrates the wisdom of natural rhythm inside and outside of the body to awaken a connection to sacred inner flow while cultivating presence in the macrocosm of our lives. Each teacher is encouraged to build their ideal full spectrum of education combining core modules and short electives spanning many modalities approved by your trainers including Iyengar Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra,  Classical Yogic Philosophy, Yin Yoga and more. 


How it Works: Step by Step 

  • Connect with your studio team and receive welcome materials and have an orientation call.

  • Choose your pathways of study and register individually for each module: Complete at least 4 Core Modules within 2 years. Required Core Modules include: Embodying Prana Vinyasa + Elemental Vinyasa

  • Accumulate 270 training hours and 30 practice hours at YCD within 2 years at your pace using electives and core modules - track your hours with the studio team.

  • Complete your training with final assignments and teaching demo!


You have 2 years to complete 270 training hours and 30 practice hours at YCD. Go at your own pace with your own personal guide through your training journey. 

Required Assistant Weekend: All 300 hour students are required to apprentice/assist a 200 hour weekend. You will sign up for one of the weekends in our Spring or Fall 200 hour weekends with Devon and Jeremy. Depending on the weekend, this will fulfill 14 or 21 hours of your elective credits. You may assist up to 2 weekends. The cost of assisting 1 weekend is $150 for 2 days (14 elective Hours) & $225 for 3 days (21 elective hours). Prior to your assist weekend, you will receive instructions for your weekend of assisting, mentorship, and immersive study with your teacher trainers.


Embodying Prana Vinyasa

with Devon Sweeney + Zaidy Charrón

*Required Core Module
Mar 10, 11+12 |Mar 24, 25+26
April 7, 8+9 | April 21, 22+23
Friday | 7-9:30pm
Saturdays | 10:00am-6:30pm 
Sundays | 10:00am-6:30pm 

80 Hours

$1,008 Early Bird till Feb 5, 2023
$1,108 Full Module

Learn More and Register Here

Elemental Prana Vinyasa

with Devon Sweeney + Zaidy Charrón

*Required Core Module

May 19, 20+21
June 2, 3+4

Friday nights | 5:00-9:30pm
Saturdays | 10:00am-6:30pm
Sundays | 10:00am-6:30pm

40 Hours

$750 Early Bird til March 21, 2023
$800 Full Module 

Learn More and Register Here

Elemental Vinyasa.png

Movement Alchemy – Somatics, Anatomy, and Embodied Philosophy

with Devon Sweeney 

Sept 15, 16+17
Sept 29, 30+Oct 1
Friday nights | 7-9:30pm
Saturdays | 10:30am-7:00pm 
Sundays|  10:30am-7:00pm 

40 Hours

$560 Early Bird til August 16, 2023
$600 Full Module 

Learn More and Register Here

Movement Alchemy.png

Lunar Arts Immersion :

Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra

with Devon Sweeney + Jeremy Wolf

Oct 28+29
Nov 11+12
Nov 18+19

Mark your calendar!


60 Hours

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Accessible Vinyasa with Devon

February 18+19


Life Energetics  with Drake Unruh

June 30-July 2 (Reiki I+II) July 14-16 (Advanced Reiki- Master Preparation)

Yoga and Ayurveda with Zaidy Charrón 

July 22-24

Ayurveda for Women with Zaidy Charrón 

December 8-10

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