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Mandala of Asanas 2022

with Devon Sweeney, Zaidy Charrón, and Prana Vinyasa Denver Teachers

Required Foundation Module for 200/300hr trainees

Friday Nights 6:00-9:00pm

Saturday afternoons 12:30-4:30pm

Sundays from 9:30am-4:30pm

March 25-27

April 8-10

April 22-24

EARLY BIRD PRICING if you sign up by FEBRUARY 16th

60 hours/ceus


or, reserve your space with a deposit and pay your balance anytime before the start date of the module.
(your deposit is not refundable, but will be transferrable to any events or modules with PV Denver. Tuition is non-refundable but transferrable after the start date of the training.)


Energetic Alignment and Yoga as an Art of Conscious Evolution


Mandala of Asanas is a practitioner-teacher immersion designed to develop a deep connection to embodied alignment and kinesthetic awareness as a foundation for practice and teaching. 

This training is for you if you are interested in developing a deep understanding of alignment principles across the Mandala of Asanas.


Embodying asana and vinyasa is an art that is informed by an understanding of movement patterns, actions and energetic alignment of asanas across families of asanas rather than individual asanas. We will explore the dynamic relationship between standing asanas, backbends, arm balances, core cultivation, forward bends, hip openers, and beyond. Additionally, we will explore the major alignment point or 'key actions' of shapes, subtle 

expressions of pranic movement, and functional biomechanics of the asanas. You will learn asana names in sanskrit, and leave this training with a confident understanding of how to embody and/or teach 200+ asanas.

The Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas shows the different categories of asanas and then the mandala of each category featuring the essential blueprint asana that holds the foundation of the most simple movement pattern or key actions from which all other variations and related asana emerge.

No required pre-requisite modules. Regular active yoga practice highly recommended.

You will receive: 

Manual Workbook, access to online resource library and Mandala of Asanas. 




You will learn to understand asanas through these 6 kramas:

  • Krama One: Position and Function: What is the sacred architecture/placement of the body, starting from the roots upward? What are the lines of energy? What is the function of the asana? (the answer lies in the movement and shape- the language of the body).

  • Krama Two: What are the related asanas of this pose (what is its Nadi line within the mandala of asanas)? What are three general actions of the asana that are shared within the asana of that lineage (e.g. backbends, standing poses, etc..)? What are three distinct key actions of the pose?

  • Krama Three: Primary Prana Movements: How do the pairs of pranic movements awaken the mudra-asana?

  • Krama Four: How do the pairs of opposites in the body create the opening (flexibility) and stability (strength) within the body? What pair of opposite tends to be imbalanced, least integrated? Apply pratipakshabhavana (opposite as the balancing force)?

  • Krama Five: Apply the pranic movements to the structure of the body. Where do you find compression? Where is the potential in the pose unactivated? How do you support the function of the asana?

  • Krama Six: What is the bhavana (feeling state), the somatic expression of the asana? How can you use this asana as a tool for healing and balance in your life?


FULFILLS 1 of 3 required FOUNDATION MODULES in our self paced teacher training program.


You can take this training even if you are not participating in our greater training program, please email us at with any questions.

Your tuition is non-refundable. If you cannot attend a training, you will be given the option to take the next cycle of the same program or apply 50% of your tuition to a new module if you do not complete a module for any reason.

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