Devon Sweeney

Devon is a student of inner ritual and energetic movement

She shares her art as a yogini and teacher of movement meditation. She is a student of Shiva Rea, an intuitive bodyworker, and a devoted Yin Yoga teacher and enthusiast.

Devon’s asana classes are delicately balanced experiences of rhythm and flow, subtle cueing and unique somatic patterning. In Devon’s teaching style, asanas are dynamic containers to explore the healing effect of breath and remember our essential intelligence. She guides her students through the process of learning how to cultivate a sense of internal support and empowerment. Whether Devon is offering more subtle practices, or in-depth asana sequences, her skills as a teacher are informed by her commitment to self exploration. 


She is a senior teacher and affiliate trainer for the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga with her teacher Shiva Rea. Over the last 10 years, Devon’s experiences teaching at a variety of festivals, trainings, retreats, and studio settings, have polished her unique ability to lead group practices with graceful clarity. Devon is an  E-RYT 500 with a background in Eastern Religious Studies, social & behavioral psychology, and integrative massage therapy, certified at the Berkana School of Massage Therapy in 2014.

Practice With Devon

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Upcoming Events with Devon:

Planet Space Series Baja: 

February 24-March 1, 2020

Planet Space is a special retreat setting. I am allowed to invite members of my community, as it is ‘invitation’ only to curate a special crew of practitioners, and movers & shakers. The inspiration and connection will come from myself, each individual participant, and my co-teachers, and each of our unique resources in the fields of wellness, life experience, work, creativity and personal development. Our circle will be an exciting arrangement of teachers, guides and guests, all of which share the willingness to push the boundaries, experiment with flow, and connect as a collective in an entirely new way. 


email to request an invitation to Baja.


Embodying The Power of Nature

Nosara, Costa Rica

March 28- April 4th, 2020

Early bird is live until December 31st

This is an immersive journey for the practitioner, to focus deeply, to cultivate grounding and invite nourishment into the body-mind. This is an intensive practice retreat, and should be considered a deep dive into prana vinyasa and self care. Practice will span from 2-4 hours each day with a combination of solar-lunar practices, sunrise-sunset meditations, simple meditation and practice rituals, dance, sound healing, and earth-based seva. We will be diving in together, staying close to the retreat center at the walking distance black sand beach, and living fully in rhythm with nature~


Join me, my co-teacher + Prana Vinyasa Yogini Sarah Shaw, and TribeWire Nosara for a week of building connection to the elements through yogic embodiment practices, meditation, and community.

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Peru: Heart of the Sacred Valley

May 23rd-31st, 2020

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This is a mission of sacred strength and living practice. Yogis will be hiking, volunteering, exploring culture, and engaging in practice amidst the powerful wonder and magic of the sacred valley. We will experience practice and community in a place that invites you to deepen your connection to your inner courage, clarity, and power. ~ We will spend time in practice on the mat and off: hiking sacred mountains, enjoying Andean food, volunteering, and making the epic journey to Macchu Picchu.


Join me and Life Force Project for a mystical + heart opening nine-day experience in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

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